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Perfume Trends 2024

Perfume Trends 2024

Hello guys! In today’s post I’m talking about which components and their combinations will be particularly in demand and which notes will prevail in the upcoming fragrances of the year.


Gourmand fragrances with edible notes have been popular for a long time. However, these aromatic compositions are now becoming more complex and interesting. Vanilla still dominates, but now it becomes not just a part of a sweet dessert but also an exquisite aromatic embellishment, blending in compositions with rum, frankincense, woody notes, and even leather.

“Cherry” fragrances remain popular, where notes of ripe berries are combined with woody tones, smoke, almonds, and alcoholic notes.

Fragrances with pistachio notes also attract special interest. The trend for this unusual note was set by the fragrance DS & Durga Pistachio, released in early 2023.


Perfumes with calm powdery, mineral, salty, or ozone notes that are associated with purity. This is not the cleanliness left by soap and other cleaning products but a lively, natural freshness.


With each passing year, the level of stress in the world is increasing, significantly affecting people’s psychoemotional state. That’s why fragrances capable of lifting the mood and calming are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to carefully selected notes. Fragrances with notes of jasmine, lavender, frankincense, bergamot, sage, and cedar possess a gentle relaxing effect. They help to feel more confident, calm, and regain a sense of comfort and harmony with the surrounding world.


The peculiarity of molecular perfumery lies in the fact that artificially created aromatic molecules, when applied to human skin, acquire a unique sound. Moreover, there are no two people on whose skin these fragrances would sound exactly the same. Molecular perfume is always a unique, multifaceted fragrance for each individual who wears it.


Perfume is usually a fairly large number of aromatic notes that sound simultaneously. Some brands have taken a different approach—they release uncomplicated compositions with beautiful sounds that can be worn individually or layered on top of each other, creating new, unique fragrances.

Similar to molecular perfumery, this allows you to wear unique scents. However, while artificial aromatic molecules interact with the “chemistry” of your skin, layered fragrances depend entirely on your imagination, desire, and taste.


The whole world is currently concerned about preserving the environment. Therefore, it’s not surprising that each year there is a growing demand for perfumes made from natural ingredients obtained from environmentally clean regions. Moreover, more and more brands are now using reusable bottles, and their packaging materials are fully recyclable.


Classic floral and floral-fruity compositions with a light, refreshing sound that perfectly emphasizes the femininity and sensuality of the perfume wearer. Also, men’s woody perfume compositions with citrus and fougère undertones. These are fragrances for all occasions that always remain in trend.

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