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Unleashing the Art of Fragrance: Discover the Fresh Note in Parfums

Unleashing the Art of Fragrance: Discover the Fresh Note in Parfums

Fresh fragrances are very popular among both men and women, regardless of age and social status. And this is not surprising – such compositions are always suitable, they have nothing to do with the style of clothing, the situation.

They are not tired and active. Fresh fragrances can be worn at any time of the year, but are most elegant and beautiful in warm, hot weather (spring and summer).

In this article, I will tell you exactly which notes bring freshness in a fragrance, how they sound different, and draw your attention to some of the best compositions with individual fresh notes.


Imagine the pre-dawn mist of summer, filled with the smell of dew, cleanliness and pleasant humidity. These are true natural aldehydes that evaporate quickly when exposed to sunlight.

Aldehydes used in perfumes have a loud floral green, slightly citrusy and balsamic notes. Modern aldehydes give the fragrance a sparkling start and accentuate citrus and floral notes. They create a feeling of purity, airiness and lightness.

Citrus notes.

Citrus fruits have a truly magical aroma! It helps with stress, relaxation, and depression, as well as providing a good mood and energy. Citrus fruits create a juicy and vibrant background in the composition, giving it a cool and casual feel. The most popular citrus notes are lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, and pomelo.

Aquatic Notes.

Aquatic scents include the smells of sea water, dew, ice, and rain. All of these notes have a transparent, cool, airy, fresh “wet” sound. Water fragrances are classified as fantasy notes because they only mimic the natural smell of moisture but cannot be made from natural ingredients. These notes give each fragrance a sense of lightness, purity and fluidity.


Mineral notes are synthetic substances that mimic the aroma of natural minerals: pebbles, sand, chalk, concrete, salt, etc. These notes have a subtle, dry, fresh, cool and airy character. “Minerality” is more of a feeling, an association that comes from smelling these aromas, rather than a characteristic of the smell.

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